Now you can advertize your creations at Simscave!

Like so many other sites we thought that we should give everyone a chance to advertize their own creations and sites so we set up a new board under Updates section - a place where anyone who has their own Sims site can announce they have new updates on their site without having to wait for our Cave Scout team to get to posting new finds! So why not start up a topic for your site (can also be blog/forum etc. as long as you upload files there) under our BRAND NEW Updates from site owners section now?

In other news we are also looking for people to join Cave Scout team to post Sims 3 updates, see more information about that here. We’ll teach you if you need help so no former experience required.

- Suna

GoS connection problems

A lot of people seem to be having problems accessing GoS at the moment, so I’m copying the note CuriousB left at the forum today, for all those who may be interested to take a look but can’t for obvious reasons:

"Our main piece of advice, for those having difficulty accessing GoS, is to change your default DNS servers - we suggest trying either OpenDNS ( or Google DNS ( There are no known security or other issues associated with doing so.

Of course we aren’t insisting that members take this advice, and we’re not deliberately being difficult by continuing to suggest this option, but it really is the best approach to solving any access problems (as well as clearing your browser and DNS caches). I’m afraid that if people choose not to follow the advice we have offered, then they have to accept that they’re very likely to have problems getting onto the site. 

We do, however, understand that for those who have followed all the advice, then continued difficulties in accessing GoS must be very frustrating. I’m sorry to say that we still don’t know what the problem might be.

For reference, I’m copy-pasting the advice here from the GoS tumblr:

If you are not able to connect to GoS on the new server (for example, if you get a “server not found” error), please do the following:

1) Clear you browser cache:’s-Cache

2) Flush your DNS cache:

3) Change your default DNS servers to OpenDNS:

If you are still having problems after completing these three steps, then please let us know here on tumblr.
If anyone would prefer not to use OpenDNS instead of their default DNS servers, or is still having problems accessing the site, there are alternatives, such as the Google DNS servers:”

To the anon with password resetting problems

Suna: Not sure if you saw my edit to the reply to your message but it appears that the mail Simscave uses is completely broken, it doesn’t send out any kind of notifications anywhere. I can however reset passwords manually just send a note to this tumblr with your username and email and I’ll set the password to abc123 (and I ask for email just so I can check that those two match, it won’t be published anywhere and I’ll promptly delete it from our message box after that.) If you already sent a message with that information tumblr probably ate it. In that case you can for example try breaking mail link like username (a) mailserviceprovider com.

Or you can set up a new account and PM me (sorasunao) over at Simscave and I’ll get your old account password reseted for you. :)

Anonymous asked:

Hey, I've trying to reset my password and it's saying that it's sent an email to my address but when I open my email program, there's nothing new, no matter how many times I've refreshed it (the email program). Now, I'm not too sure how the site handles certain email addresses or programs but if it's any help, I have a bigpond email address and the program I'm using is Mozilla Thunderbird. Thank you for your time.

Dagi: I’m afraid I can’t really help you much here, but if the problem persists I could notify one of the mods. Until then, try checking your spam folder - sometimes, messages will be randomly thrown in there without you even noticing (I know I had the same problem with several important uni test results). If it’s not in spam either, let me know so I can poke a mod about it. :)

Suna: Sorry I’ll just edit here since I have something I can actually add: it seems that all mail notifications at Cave are completely broken, for example I haven’t received notes of new messages for ages, but I hadn’t thought that it would also affect password resetation. Anyway, I can do it manually for you, just send over your username&email (email so I can verify that username & email match, it won’t be published no worries!) and I’ll change your password to abc123 so you can log in and change it to a new one. If you can do that off anon even better but if not that’s fine.

Just a heads-up

We’re still not sure how long it’ll be until the server issues are sorted out, but in the meantime, here’s a thing: 

You can access most of Simscave’s cached pages using this link:

You take one of the Cave’s pages (e.g. and sieve it through the address field.  Then you click to go to a new page, and copy-paste that link back into the field. I’m currently browsing the updates from July. ^^

Thanks goes to Epo from PlumbBob Keep for the useful tip. :)